Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Non-Traditional Christmas Wreath Workshop - 2nd December, 2015 - 11am-1pm

Bored of the seeing the same old style of Christmas Wreath?  Why not come and join me for a fun morning and be inspired to make your own decoration that will really make you stand out from the crowd!

In the inspiring surroundings of The Stage Room at The Halfway House, Earlsfield I will guide you through the process of making a very different style of wreath this Christmas.  Choose from either a bead, brussel or rag wreath and I will supply all you need to join in for a few hours of fun and crafting, letting you leave with your own masterpiece.

Tickets are £35 each (which includes a glass of bubbles and all materials) and places are limited to 10 people only so I can ensure you get the help you need during the workshop.  To book, just drop me a line here, tell me which wreath you would like to make and I will then get in touch with all the final details.  I look forward to creating some magic with you!

Images courtesy of shabbychicks.blogspot.com, greatbritishflorist.co.uk and  etsy.com

Creative Christmas Wrapping Workshop - 18th November 11am-1pm

As that wonderful time of year will soon be here again it's time to get crafty with your wrapping.  We spend hours choosing presents for our loved ones so why not make it memorable and give your gift that extra special touch?

Come, join me and explore the unlimited possibilities with creative Christmas wrapping for 3 hours of fun and inspiring ideas at The Halfway House Earlsfield on 18th November at 11am-1pm.

In the comfort of The Stage Room I'll guide you through how to tie perfect bows, make animal present toppers and use unusual materials to wrap your gifts.  Please also feel free to bring along any personal elements you may like to include on your present for that extra special personal touch.

Tickets are £25 each (which includes a glass of bubbles and all materials) and limited to 10 places only.  To book your ticket message me here and I will get in touch with you to arrange all details.  I look forward to a fun morning with you!

Images courtesy of ifitshipitshere.com, onegoodthingbyjillee.com, liagriffith.com and shopwalkin.com

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The season of simplification - "Love in a Cold Climate"

A crispy cold yet sunny morning, a steaming hot cup of coffee, a vase of daffodils and the most exciting feeling that Spring could soon be on it's way. 

It's at this time of year my thoughts turn to the joy of the coming season, an uplifting feeling of hope. I also think this is a reflection of optimism that the country currently shares, made even more poignant after the further recession news of yesterday. 

Even though our world is currently a challenging one, it is made even more so with our daily modern life.  Full of mobiles and computers, innovation, dialogue and connecting.  And the speed at which we consume information is at times a little fast, even for those of us that can keep up with the pace. 

As humans we need to sometimes switch off from our daily lives and step off life's roller coaster.  Time when it's not just about social media, apps and gadgets but something far more simple like a walk on the beach, time with a loved one to talk and a home where we can shut the door, be ourselves and, if we so wish, silent.  Our minds need time to rest, to be cleared to allow for the next stage of understanding and life needs simplifying.

So with this thought I started to think about interior trends for S/S 2013.  If you look around the trends are a direct reflection of this simplicity we need.  It is a well known fact that whenever a recession hits we crave uncomplicated comfort in our homes and the interior world begins to reflect this in it's products, colours and designs.

Dulux has captured this feeling in one of their 2013 trend colour palettes "Collective Passion" which was my starting point for this simple moodboard "Love in a Cold Climate".  Colours and interior pieces to bring joy and a smile to your face.

1. Snooze Sofa; Graham and Green  2. Greyhound and Pug Table Lamps; Graham and Green  3. Peach Leather Shopper; Folk Clothing  4. Regency Velvet Cushions; Habitat  5. Image courtesy of Miss Pickering  6. Store Room Lilacs image courtesy of heinrick05  7. Part of "Collective Passion"; Dulux

Sunday, 20 January 2013

2013 - outward bound

I know most of us start a new year with many resolutions - some achievable, some not so, but this year I have one very clear vision and a resolution I have never set myself before. 

In life when we have a vision there are some of us mere humans that tend to put many obstacles in the way, and it doesn't matter how many of those we overcome, trepidation is normally the fundamental emotional obstacle.  What if I fail....?  Those of you who don't feel this, I'd warn you to stop reading now as I don't know one human being who does not experience this feeling during their life.

I'm not saying you can't overcome this - nothing ventured, nothing gained right?  What I am saying is that you have to come to terms with the fact that during the process of following your dream or vision you are going to experience this challenging emotion from time to time.  I do believe though that once you have come to terms with the fact that this is going to happen, then there is nothing really to stop you.  No more excuses, no more procrastinating, no more standing by while others succeed in their dream and you watch from the sideline, no more loosing yourself in Pinterest dreaming about what could be.

So it is with this thought that I have entered 2013 with a very strong determination to make my vision and dream reality. Yes there will be doubtful days, there will be days when trepidation consumes me and there will be days when I wonder what on earth I am doing - but if I don't try, I will never know.

image courtesy of https://pinterest.com/HelenaRh/ and balidora.tumblr.com

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Opulence at Harvey Nichols this Christmas

It's that time of year and Harvey Nic's have done it again in style (with a little prop help from me!) - mesmerizing bejewelled windows, dazzling with temptation.

Their theme this Christmas is full of eastern promise, a trend that has remained in both fashion and interiors since The First Emperor's Terracotta Army exhibition at The British Museum back in 2008.

These windows take you on an extraordinary trip to the Orient.  Sumptuous and opulent, the displays evoke a modern take on the 16th and 17th century opium dens. Beautifully hand-crafted props are framed by geometric Oriental screens; a gateway into this fantastical, exhilarating and enticing world.

Make sure you visit at night as this is when the display comes into it's own.  Glowing splashes of fluorescent colours and luminous tinted metallics. Mannequins stand as both traditional Geishas and Harajuku teens, with doll-like makeup and chopstick speared rolls of hair on the women, striking eyeliner with statement Mohawks on the men. Surrounding them, every surface is richy embellished, sparkling and lit – a wonder-world grotto full of promise and intrigue.

Images courtesy of Harvey Nichols, London.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Culinary Inspired Paints

Eco-friendly paints from de le Cuona.

Rich raspberry, bold glistening marigold, delicious smoked chocolate hues and calming unassuming greys, sounds like paint on a plate. What more does a designer need?

The August Break 4

Could that cloud be breaking? This is for you Jo Jo x

Day one for me on The August Break 2011 challenge. Let's hope I can keep it up...